Our Expertise


We specialise in commercial catering facilities, high quality and have thousands of items of kitchen equipment in our portfolio.

Our dedicated System Kitchen specialists are able to consult with clients at an early stage to find out what type of kitchen appliances may be required for your current kitchen design. As well as the sizes, how many meals will need to be catered for, what method of cooking will be employed, how many staff will be working in the kitchen and also take into account any external factors.

Benova’s expertise covers the following:

  Collection/delivery point to all Benova¬†branches for service set.
  Attend call-in customer enquiries for repair service.
  Provide and arrange on-site service for over warranty and extended warranty products and to all kind of home electrical appliances.

To provide quality services , repairs and prompt attention towards customer needs and satisfaction, our Service Department has recruited 50 skillful Panel Repairer and Service Technician within Klang Valley. This is to ensure our skillful repairer and service technician perform diagnostics and service with the greatest speed and good quality services.

Our objective is to attend all outdoor service complaint within 24 hours and complete all types of repair within 14 calendar days. Alternatively, customers are immediately advised if their sets require major repairs or waiting for spare parts.